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Hospitals continue to report high growth rates among their administrative staff, according to a whitepaper released by SK&A, with C-suite level titles now compromising 12 percent of the 200,000 titles in its database.

CVS Health will keep Aetna headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, nixing the insurer’s planned move to New York City.

The search for a new CEO of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has ended, with Wylecia Wiggs Harris, PhD, set to take over the position Feb. 5.

Four new members have begun their tenure of the board of directors for the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), while the group’s consulting arm named a new president and chief operating officer.

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) began 2018 with several new leaders, including president and board chair Diann Smith, MS, taking office along with a new speaker and three new board members.


Recent Headlines

Lessons from the Airline Industry

Great leaders (like great health IT solutions) are able to access relevant information across the breadth of industries (and platforms), discern pattern in chaos, and transmit the resonant truths to those they lead. Warner L. Thomas, who took the reins at Ochsner Health System as president and CEO in 2012, likes to talk about the parallels between health care and the airline industry with his management team.

Scott & White’s Robert W. Pryor, MD: Putting Physician–Administrator Teams in Charge

Modern health care systems require more teamwork than ever to deliver the best treatments and solutions while keeping costs down. Physicians will have to get more involved in the overall picture, and focus on team building and team leadership. That’s the overall message delivered by Robert W. Pryor, MD, president and CEO of Scott & White Healthcare

Accelerating Change: Take No Prisoners, Find Your Burning Platform

In 2008, when Sandra L. Coletta, MBA, accepted the position of president and CEO of Kent Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island, she knew that she would be facing significant challenges when implementing organizational changes at the institution. At the time, Kent Hospital ranked in New England’s lowest percentile in overall client satisfaction. Its emergency department earned customer complaints of poor quality patient service and medical care. To add another mark against its already marred reputation, the hospital was in the middle of a high-profile lawsuit, filed by actor James Woods, who blamed the facility for the wrongful death of his brother, Michael J. Woods.

Henry Ford Health System: Four Models of Physician Compensation

In the late 1990s, when most hospitals were exiting the physician ownership game, the Henry Ford Health System (Detroit, Michigan) assumed a radical stance not only by continuing to employ its physicians, but to innovate in the area of physician compensation models.

Clinical Integration: Benefits and Pitfalls

Regardless of the form it takes, clinical integration of hospitals with physicians is not easy, with a range of obstacles—from logistics to philosophical differences—posing significant challenges. That's what two health care executives—Dan Wolterman, president and CEO of the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in Houston, Texas, and Alyson Pitman